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The illustration on the left was derived from a British Survey map of Stonehenge. The photo on the right is a top view of the Stonehenge sculpture. The accuracy and extreme attention to detail of the replica is evident in this comparison.
In April of 1993 the artists traveled from California to the Salisbury plain to document each stone within the Stonehenge circle using video and photography. These images, along with published materials, provided them with the graphic information they needed to complete the painstaking three-year long process of hand carving an accurate and exquisite model of each stone. From tiny carvings as small as the head of a pin to the largest trilithon, meticulous attention was given to every detail.
In September of 1996 the artists returned to England with the first completed Stonehenge sculpture. The replica was on display at the Engilsh Heritage visitor's center at the Stonehenge site for three years. It is now available in a limited edition to interested collectors. For more information please contact us at info@sarsen.com.

Sculpture History